diy yarntainer

Hello! Thank you for venturing over to Bread & With It for some awesome DIY Yarntainer inspiration. For those of you that are following my posts and possibly concerned about our family… we are on antibiotics and glad for it! After weeks of being sick, our family doctor informed usRead More →

Dudes and Dudettes! What a week it was. We spent the last week sick. What a nightmare. There were days when I had to carefully carry the baby straight from her crib into the bath because of sinus congestion explosions that happened in the night that… are now dried. IRead More →

homemade vapor rub

I never realized that something as simple as homemade vapor rub would make me so completely happy. The Blow household is under the weather… in a major way. It’s a lot of work when one person gets sick, because it begins to spread; making its way from one person toRead More →

crochet clover headband

St. Patrick’s Day is here. I wanted Winnie to have a little something cute to wear. Green, of course, because then she can’t get pinched! How did that start anyway? Who first decided that we can pinch someone if they don’t wear green? Regardless, I made this crochet clover headbandRead More →

analagus trees

Aren’t these analogous trees lovely? I am teaching about color harmony in art class, and it is such a fun topic to explore. Once you learn the various color harmonies your artwork quickly transforms from average to stunning! One of the fun ways to learn about color harmony is by making these stunning Chinese inspired watercolor analogous trees.Read More →

Lego Mini-fig Recycled Crayons

Valentines day comes at the time of year when our family has just settled down from the holidays, birthdays, travel, our anniversary and beginning school again. It’s not the most convenient of times, to say the least. Valentine’s day seems so commercialized that I can barely make myself buy things knowing it willRead More →

his and hers cupcakes

You’ve heard of His and Hers towels, but have you heard of His and Hers cupcakes? Seriously, these are ridiculously cute and easy to make, unless you are making 300. No really… 300… I’m making 300 of these His and Hers cupcake toppers. I’m not making all of them justRead More →

conversation heart marshmallows

Valentine’s day is almost here and with it comes my favorite conversation heart candies. This year we are making conversation heart marshmallows to take to school! The kids are going to love these! Not only are they delicious (because they are homemade), but I let the kids write their ownRead More →

gift box punch board

I’m here to share with you my new toy! It’s called a Gift Box Punch Board made by We R Memory Keepers. I’ve had it for a while now. I use these beautiful boxes every chance I get! When I found it at the craft store it was one ofRead More →

It’s that time of year! There is a chill in the air, the leaves on the trees are long gone, and people on the streets are humming Christmas music! It warms my heart! I always make sure to enjoy this time of year with a warm drink in my hand! ToRead More →

We are learning so much in art class! We are officially half way through the school year, and we have already taught many of the elements of art. This week the emphasis is on color. I want to really take my time with color, mostly because there is so much toRead More →

Hey guys! This week has really pulled me away from Bread & With It. I haven’t been far, just not as proactive as I usually am. For Christmas this year the kids were involved in their school Christmas pageant. It was Colonial times themed. Being the artist in the group,Read More →

crochet christmas ornament

This year the kids and I are making our own ornaments for the tree! Aren’t they cute? We’ve made crochet Christmas ornaments in various colors and sizes. They’re really easy to whip out, and the result is stunning! I want to make several mini versions of these, and arrange them on aRead More →

Oh my goodness! Isn’t she cute? Ladies and gentlemen, this is little Winnie who just turned one! Which is cuter, the baby or the handmade vintage pixie hat? They make a great pair don’t they? I know you want to pinch those cheeks right now! I made this hat about three weeks ago,Read More →

kitchen crochet scrubby

If you are a Bread & With It avid follower, one I thank you and two I’m sure you probably read my loofah post. It’s there, that I shared my excitement about the new yarn I found. Since this new discovery I am making lots of wonderful things made forRead More →

crochet luffah

It’s the lovely luxurious crochet loofah! I hope you are having lovely luxurious day because this crochet loofah is amazing. I’ve tried making loofahs in the past but they are never quite right. They look right but synthetic yarns don’t hold water well and they tend to be awkward onceRead More →

purple pocket placemat

It’s the purple pocket placemat! So cute! I developed a variation of this pattern from the 2013 Lily Sugar n’ Cream Kitchen Essentials crochet pattern book. My version of it is slightly different with the middle stripe being smaller and the pocket hugging the line with a stripe down the middle.Read More →

minecraft creeper head

I really enjoy Minecraft to play around with my mom and brother. My brother likes to kill people and steal their stuff. He is a dork. My mom hates creepers because they pop out of nowhere and blow up every thing that she was working on like a beach houseRead More →

Gift baskets are a great way to show you care. Sometimes it’s even just the “go to” gift when you don’t know what to give. Personalized gift baskets are really exceptional though. When you go that extra step and collect the items into a basket yourself, the recipient knows: YouRead More →

crochet minecraft pig

Minecraft has become very popular these last few years.  I know my kids love it!  We were just invited to a Minecraft themed double birthday party.  My girlfriend’s oldest son just turned 8 and her youngest daughter turned 1. I like to make birthday gifts as much as possible becauseRead More →