minecraft creeper head

Pegboard Minecraft Creeper Head

I really enjoy Minecraft to play around with my mom and brother. My brother likes to kill people and steal their stuff. He is a dork. My mom hates creepers because they pop out of nowhere and blow up every thing that she was working on like a beach house three stories tall. I like Minecraft because there is a lot of stuff you can build, you can trade with villagers, try to find villages and fill out your map. On the PS3 my mom, dad, brother and I like to play together when we have nothing to do or in our down time. I was thinking, because I like to do pegboard crafts I thought I should make a pegboard Minecraft creeper head.

Materials you will need

plastic beads
clothes iron
wax paper


Step 1: you will need to get out 9 white plastic beads 22 dark blue plastic beads and 17 light blue beads.

Step 2: Set up the plastic beads on the pegboard as the picture shows below.

pegboard minecraft creeper head

Step 3: With your mom and dad’s help (of course) iron the pegboard Minecraft creeper head on high/cotton using the wax paper on top. Melt it just until the surface layer is melted, don’t over melt it.

pegboard minecraft creeper head

Step 4: Let it cool for about 2 minuets then pull off the wax paper and enjoy your pegboard Minecraft creeper head.

pegboard minecraft creeper

This is a great pegboard kit (sold on Amazon) that you can use to make the Pegboard Minecraft Creeper Head. I know because it’s the same one I have. It would also make a great gift idea for a kid in your family. Let them know you got the idea from Emma’s Arts & Crafts!

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  1. Author

    Thanks for the comments! Emma is at the beach this weekend with the “grands” and I can’t wait for her to come home and see how popular her post has been! I’m very proud of her.

  2. That is really cute! Thanks for sharing!! =)

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