BBQ Gift Basket & Father’s Day Card

Gift baskets are a great way to show you care. Sometimes it’s even just the “go to” gift when you don’t know what to give. Personalized gift baskets are really exceptional though. When you go that extra step and collect the items into a basket yourself, the recipient knows:

  1. You are  thoughtful enough to get them a gift
  2. You spent the time to make, decorate, and assemble it yourself

My dad (like many dads) has always been the designated barbecue chef at many of our family events. The menu item is always burgers and hot dogs accompanied by my Savory Red Potato Salad and various chips, fruits, and beverages.

I’m sure many of you can relate… so this year I am preparing for Father’s Day and I wanted to get dad a special gift to let him know I appreciate all the work he does in order for our family to get together over delicious food. So… I decided to make him a delicious homemade condiment BBQ Gift Basket!

BBQ Gift Basket

I’ve been working hard these last few weeks to make sure that I had the best recipes for this basket because I want it to be a real treat! So here are the winning condiment recipes for the BBQ Gift Basket:

  1. Homemade Ketchup
  2. Roasted Garlic Mustard
  3. Original Barbecue Sauce
  4. Traditional Mayonnaise With Olive Oil

These recipes were not easy to come by and I had to re-do them a few times before deciding they were good enough to give dad.

After whipping up these condiments, I packed them into small jelly canning jars. Would you like to purchase these small jars? Here is an AMAZON AFFILIATE LINK. If you purchase from this link Bread & With It gets a portion of the sale.

I designed and decorated each of the jars with these free printable labels:

mustard (2)

The grass filler in the basket is just brown paper bags shredded in the shredder. It’s super easy and it gives that rustic old fashioned look that I love. You are also being less wasteful and saving money by doing this too.

BBQ Gift Basket

I found the “basket” lying around the house. I picked it up  years ago from Michael’s when it was on sale for $2.46! If you are a “Michael’s shopper” you will know why it is a great deal. I’m always amazed by the cost of everything at Michael’s and refuse to buy anything unless it is on sale or if I desperately need it… that’s why I scour the after holiday sales and keep an eye out for coupons.

Oh and I almost forgot… I finalized this whole BBQ Gift Basket with an Old Fashioned design Father’s Day card that you are welcome to print and use too!

Father's Day Card

This design is custom made by Bread & With It (Laurel Blow).  It is made for personal use only.  All that I ask in return is that you “like” me on facebook, “pin” me on pinterest OR subscribe to my blog. If you are a blogger wanting to share my design you MUST make a link available to my webpage and provide credit to me.

I hope my dad loves all these things I’ve gathered together for him for Father’s Day and I hope you love all these FREE things you are getting in this post. Boy, you made out like a bandit today!

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