2015 april income report

There was a decent about of things keeping me from the website this month! I’m glad to be back here writing up this income report. There was quite a dip this month from last, and I blame it solely on pageviews. I was spending more time doing other things insteadRead More →

2015 march income report

Ok, pardon my language but… HOT DAMN! Did do you see that! WOOT WOOT! Touch down dance, WOOT WOOT! This is a huge milestone for Bread & With It. It’s so exciting to reach this point. I mean seriously, how can you not leap with joy when finding out your blog just made it’s first $100? YES! Super excitement!

*Clears throat* Ok… Now lets get serious and talk numbers like true professionals. Shall we?Read More →

income report

Spring is in the air people. The sun is distracting me more and more everyday. I can’t get over how beautiful it is in the Northwest. With each season brings beauty and various new things to look forward to. This week, I’m just appreciating the sun and basking in itsRead More →

2015 January Income Report

Oh man, am I good or am I good? Not because of the amount of money Bread & With It made, but because of my prediction in last month’s income report! I said… and I quote… “I’m sure January will be around the $30 price range because of my longRead More →

2014 december income report

Hi! I’m so glad to be back here with you after a nice long Winter Break. I was worried that my break would have a huge impact on pageviews and income. I was partly right. There was an impact, but I wouldn’t say it was huge. There will probably be a dipRead More →

november income report

Hello everyone! Now that Thanksgiving has passed and we are gearing up for the rush of Christmas, I am realizing how demanding it is to be a blogger over the holidays! Am I the only one feeling such stress? Despite the holiday rush, I was able to keep up withRead More →

It’s been another great month here at Bread & With It! I’ve had my own little ego boost with the nice comments said about me by Deborah over at stinkykitchen.com. You will fall in love with her personality if you read her “about me” page. Anyway, it was exciting forRead More →

September income report

Holy cow guys! Are you seeing this number?!?! I am seriously jumping out of my seat excited about how well Bread & With It has done this month. I didn’t realize a boost like this would come this soon! Last month I made a little over $15 so… yes I am veryRead More →

august income report

Hey guys! September is here, school has started and while it is still hot outside there is much anticipation for autumn foods, beautifully colored leaves on the trees and layered clothing. This month has been good for Bread & With It, considering… how hectic this month has been. It’s difficultRead More →

july income report

July was great and August will be even better! We are headed to the beach next week for a huge family beach house extravaganza! I’m looking forward to making homemade marshmallows with all the little Hutchinson descendants and all the beach photo opportunities to come. This is our first family vacationRead More →

food blog income report

Hello again! Happy Saturday and more importantly I hope you guys had a wonderful & safe Independence Day! Winnie was so incredibly sweet with her first experience of fireworks. She hooted and kicked her feet, what a sweet baby. Since the holiday landed on a Friday, Michael gets a three-day weekend… YAY! HereRead More →

This has been Bread & With It’s first full month on the world wide web and it actually did way better than I thought it would do! I have read the income reports for other blogs and they always start reporting income after the blog is fully established with followers.Read More →

I think the launch of Bread & With It has been a success!  I launched the site on the 23rd, one week before the end of April.  It has been a crazy week and I have been frantically trying to develop posts for the site, create connections, and learn aboutRead More →

I am so excited to share with you the first steps I took when creating Bread & With It.  This is my very first blog it is exciting to watch it grow into my original vision!  I’ve learned a lot along the way, and I’ve enjoyed sharing with you the successes andRead More →