crochet christmas ornament

Crochet Christmas Ornaments

This year the kids and I are making our own ornaments for the tree! Aren’t they cute? We’ve made crochet Christmas ornaments in various colors and sizes. They’re really easy to whip out, and the result is stunning! I want to make several mini versions of these, and arrange them on a long string as a garland! They give your tree a rustic look! I love it! 

These crochet Christmas ornaments make great projects for your yarn remnants throughout the year. I love this pattern, because we can use any size yarn with the appropriate hook size for the yarn. The larger weight yarn and hook, the larger your ornament.  Weather you use this crochet Christmas ornaments pattern or another pattern from various crochet books, you will love the look of homemade craftsmanship on your tree this year.


Any weight and color yarn, (the ornament size is dependent on the yarn size)
Any weight grey yarn
appropriate crochet hook for yarn being used
polyfil for stuffing
tapestry needle for weaving ends


Make a magic ring.
Row 1: 6 sc into ring. Work as a continuous round, do no turn. Place a marker to track rounds.
Row 2: inc in each stitch around
Row 3: *inc, sc* repeat around
Row 4: *2 sc, inc* repeat around
Row 5: *inc, 3 sc* repeat around
Row 6: *4 sc, inc* repeat around
Row 7-9: sc around
Row 10: *dec, 4 sc* repeat around
Row 11: *3 sc, dec* repeat around
Row 12: *dec, 2 sc* repeat around
Row 13: *1 sc, dec* repeat around
Switch to grey yarn.
Row 14: *1 sc, dec* repeat around
Stuff with polyfil
Row 15: dec around
Fasten off. Use tail to secure a loop on top of piece.

Using the grey yarn, embroider around the base of the grey top. This makes a nice clean and slightly raised edge between the ball and grey topper.


sc = single crochet
inc = 2 sc in one stitch
dec = 1 sc over two stitches through the front loops only

* indicates required


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    Thanks! We’ve made quite a few of them, and they are very easy to make!

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