his and hers cupcakes

His and Hers Cupcakes

You’ve heard of His and Hers towels, but have you heard of His and Hers cupcakes? Seriously, these are ridiculously cute and easy to make, unless you are making 300. No really… 300… I’m making 300 of these His and Hers cupcake toppers. I’m not making all of them just because I adore them. I’m making them because a large venue, that’s having a Valentine’s day event, asked me to make them for their cupcakes. I’m super nervous but also incredibly excited!

I’m sharing these with you now, when I should be piping chocolate! There will be 300 couples dining on my little His and Hers cupcakes tomorrow, and I’ve only completed 60 chocolate “his” toppers. This whole process is very exciting for me. I’ve never done anything this huge before, so I’m soaking it all in and trying not to stress it!

I made sure to set aside a “his” and “her” for Michael and I. I love this design so much that I’ve decided to share His and Her cupcakes with Michael on Valentines Day. It will be a very special moment considering… we both love chocolate and all things yup! It’s a side effect of being a sugar junkie and living with a fellow addict.

his and hers cupcakes

What you will need:

Chocolate Almond Bark
Pastry Bag with Writing Tip
Wax Paper
Masking Tape
Cutting Board
One-Bowl Chocolate Cake Recipe
Butter Frosting Recipe

I was introduced to Almond Bark recently. After struggling over and over with chocolate, tempering and piping, all I needed to do was thrown in the towel! Seriously. Chocolate is way too much work. Almond Bark hardens faster, doesn’t get soft or melt at room temperature. Almond Bark holds its shape, it’s easy to heat up, it’s forgiving, and it’s delicious! No one will tell the difference between traditional chocolate and almond bark. Chances are, you’ve already had almond bark many times without even realizing it!

his and hers cupcakes

1. Make cupcakes and frosting according to recipe instructions. For cupcakes, fill cupcake cups half full. Reduce cooking time in half. Thoroughly cool then frost with butter frosting.

2. Using your printer, find a simple but elegant font you would like to use for your His and Hers cupcakes. Print to use as a guide. Lay this down flat on a cutting board and cover with a sheet of wax paper. Tape them down to the cutting board to keep them from moving.

3. Heat the Almond Bark according to package directions. I use a jam size mason jar for this. It makes it easier to heat, pour, and store left overs. Allow to cool slightly (5-10 minutes).

4. Pour the chocolate into a pastry bag. Using a small writing tip, begin piping chocolate onto the wax paper using the print as a guide.

5. Place cutting board in the freezer for 1-2 minutes for chocolate to harden.

6. Tuck the His and Hers toppers into the soft frosting and enjoy!

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