Vintage Pixie Hat

Oh my goodness! Isn’t she cute? Ladies and gentlemen, this is little Winnie who just turned one! Which is cuter, the baby or the handmade vintage pixie hat? They make a great pair don’t they? I know you want to pinch those cheeks right now!

I made this hat about three weeks ago, and every time we leave the house I toss this hat on her little head. It’s the end of Fall and we’re in the Northwest; hats are a necessity. Every time we go out, several people come up to us to say how adorable Winnie and the hat are! It feels nice to get feedback like this from one of my crochet projects.

When I was done making the vintage pixie hat, I started right away on making a matching jumper. I’ve wanted to make my own clothing (other than the usual hats, gloves and scarves) for some time now. When planning out this jumper, I wanted to come up with something simple that I could toss over her clothes.

I submitted the dress pattern to another website. If it get’s published I will let you know asap so you can access it. If it doesn’t get published, then I’ll post the dress up here on Bread & With It. Either way you’ll have the matching dress pattern to go with your vintage pixie hat. Here is the Vintage Pixie Dress Pattern live on Stitch & Unwind! It’s been a great experience working with the people over at Stitch & Unwind and All Free Crochet.

Vintage Pixie Hat

Size 9­-12 months

vintage pixie hat

Mwinnie approvedaterials

F/5 – 3.75mm crochet hook
⅝” wooden button
DK or Medium (light worsted) Yarn


4” square = 17 sts X 21 rows


ch 56

Row 1: [2 dc, ch 1, dc] in 4th ch from hook, *skip 3 ch, [3 dc, ch 1, dc] in next ch; rep from * across chain. ch 3, turn. (56 sts)

Row 2-16: [2 dc, ch 1, dc] in the first ch 1 space, [3 dc, ch 1, dc] in all ch-1 spaces, except the last dc. Work last dc into the top of ch-3 from previous row. ch 3, turn. (56 sts)

Row 17: [3 dc] in the first ch 1 space, [4 dc] in all ch-1 spaces, except the last dc. Work last dc into the top of ch-3 from previous row.

Fasten off.

Fold piece in half to make a square.

Stitch with yarn needle – or – sl st, first row together (this makes the back seam of your hat. Leave bottom and front open).

The neckband:

Row 1: Work approx 52 sc into the bottom neck opening (flat edge with seam in middle); alternate 1 sc around a sideways 3-ch and 2 sc around a ch-1 opening. Attach first and last sc of this row into a ch sp (so edges with be straight with front opening). ch 1, turn. (approx 52 sts)

Row 2-7: sc in blo across row. ch 1, turn. Do not fasten off, continue to button loop.

The button loop:

Continuing from neckband; turn piece sideways, and work 2 sl sts into the front side of neckband (about ¼ distance from edge). ch 4 and attach to front of neckband with a sl sts about ¾ distance from edge. 2 sl sts to neckband and hat seam. Fasten off.

vintage pixie hat


Fasten button to neckband. Weave all loose ends through piece. Trim.


sp = space
ch = chain
dc = double crochet
sl st(s) = slip stitch(s)
blo = back loop only
rep = repeat
approx = approximately

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  1. Hi how many balls of yarn did this require? Thanks

    1. I would also like to know how much yarn it takes.

  2. Would it be easy to modify the pattern to make a larger hat for an older child? I have a 16 month old and would like it to be a 12-18m size or so!

  3. What are the dimensions of the completed hat? Size 6-18 is pretty broad… Thanks!

    1. Author

      It’s a 7 1/2 inch square. The hat is pretty stretchy. My daughter is 14 months and you can see the fit for her. Maybe 9-12 month would be more accurate. I will reflect that change in the pattern. Thanks Ammaries for bringing this to my attention.

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