gift box punch board

Gift Box Punch Board

I’m here to share with you my new toy! It’s called a Gift Box Punch Board made by We R Memory Keepers. I’ve had it for a while now. I use these beautiful boxes every chance I get! When I found it at the craft store it was one of those “Ureka!” moments. There was a display with a gift box punch board and miscellaneous scrapbook paper. One hour and many boxes later, I realized that I needed to have one of these! It was so much fun and each box was adorable!

Whenever I buy gift boxes at the store I end up spending more money than their worth. I mean seriously… why do they cost so much? It bothers me every time! My $20.00 Gift Box Punch Board has already paid for itself. Oh, and it’s on sale on Amazon for $11.92 (40% OFF). I wish I had gotten it on sale. DOH! Oh well, it was worth every penny!

These boxes are really easy to slap together. For the paper, I pick up single scrapbook sheets from my local craft store. There are directions included in the packaging, but if you’re anything like me you’ll throw them away or loose them. That is why I’m so grateful for the directions printed right on the Gift Box Punch Board!

You will need:

The Paper

I prefer to use a thicker card stock. It makes the box a little more sturdy to maintain its form with an object inside. These papers are really easy to find at your local craft store like Michael’s, Jo Ann or Craft Warehouse. The varieties of color and style are great! Jo Ann tends to have a lot of sales on their scrapbook paper, so I favor them over the others. I paid about 30 cents for each sheet of Valentines Day paper.

The paper sizes can be anywhere from 6 to 12 inches square. For each size paper you can make a short wide box, square box or tall rectangular box. There is a lot of versatility! For my example box, I used a see-through heart paper and overlapped a solid red paper. This made the box look really classy and made it more sturdy!

gift box punch board

The Directions

The gift box punch board has the directions printed on it. There are only 10 easy steps to make it. You line up your paper according to your desired box size (there is a chart printed on it), push down on the punch and begin gently scoring the paper using the included scoring knife. This does not need a lot of force. If you get a little excited like I did the first time, you will tear the paper… don’t do that 😀 So yeah, it doesn’t take much.

gift box punch board

Once you score your paper you just flip it around to the other side and punch in the notches for closing the flaps. Fold and you’re done!

Gluing (optional)

I included Glue Dots in the materials list because they really help give the box a final professional touch. I use them to secure the folded corners to the inner sides of the box. Glue dots are just dots of glue on strips of wax paper. When you push the dot in place the wax paper easily peels off. There is no drying time so you can tack it and keep going!

gift box punch board

I used glue dots to tack together my red box cut-out and my clear heart box cut-out. Since I tacked them in the corners the dots were not visible once it was folded. 

gift box punch board

The possibilities with these boxes are endless! You can top them with a bow or ribbon and they look like you spent a lot of money! 

gift box punch board

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  1. Just bought one of these, so easy yet looks like you’ve taken ages. Great fun! Love the idea of two papers. Going to try die cutting an aperture in a side face.

  2. HELP!!!!
    Almost all of these measurements don’t line up and if you follow direction/measurements on the board!!! Only a few perfectly line up, other the two sides are different height so don’t match up, diagonal lines are wting, or when u turn over the pick doesn’t line up or isn’t deep enough…. anybody have updated measurement guide??

  3. Ooo… It’s not often I run across a crafty new tool that I haven’t seen before, but this one looks incredible! What a cool idea!

    1. Author

      I know, these things are awesome! Emma and I seriously make boxes all the time!

  4. These are so cute! If I was the type of person who celebrated Valentine’s Day (I have boycotted it since I was a single college student!) I’d think they were perfect for packaging homemade treats!

    1. Author

      Thank you! They are great for treats. My daughter and I gave out stacks of cookies packaged in these for Christmas. It was a hit with family considering she and I hand-decorated the paper!

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