kitchen crochet scrubby

Crochet Kitchen Scrubby

If you are a Bread & With It avid follower, one I thank you and two I’m sure you probably read my loofah post. It’s there, that I shared my excitement about the new yarn I found. Since this new discovery I am making lots of wonderful things made for water. This pattern is inspired from one of the more practical crochet kitchen scrubbies I found in the Mary Maxim Kitchen Favorites crochet pattern book. The patterns in this book are great and practical kitchen must haves. There is a reason why I have not jumped into obsessive kitchen crochet mode, because I can’t stand the way that synthetic yarns react and feel when wet. It seems more like a bacteria breeding ground then it does a practical way to clean. So when I found this yarn I did a dance. Yay! I will be making many water things including a super cute bathrobe for Winnie! I love it!

Actually, I have not been using these only as a crochet kitchen scrubby I also made a few and gave them to Michael. He is using them for cleaning the inside of his car windshield. Our car develops a glaring film on the inside. I’m not sure why but when Michael cleans it, he likes to have something that’s not going to streak or leave lint. These disks are perfect for the job! The other crochet kitchen scrubby I gave him, he stores in his motorcycle saddle bags. On long trips and sometimes short ones too, we catch a few bugs along the way. It’s nice to have a compact rag to apply a small amount of pledge to get our face-shields clean. So if you happen to love a rider, treat them to a crochet kitchen scrubby used for face-shields. Trust me, they will love it.

Crochet Kitchen Scrubby

Crochet Kitchen Scrubby Materials

1 ball Mary Maxim Scrub It (worsted weight) Yarn
Size I crochet hook


Ch 4, join with sl st to first ch to form a ring.

Rnd 1: Ch 4, [dc in ring, ch1] 7 times, join to the beg of rnd with a sl st.

Rnd 2: Ch 3, 2 dc in same sp, [3 dc in next ch-1 sp] 7 times,  join to the beg of rnd with a sl st.

Rnd 3: Ch 3, dc in same st, (2 dc in next dc) around, join with a sl st.

Fasten off.

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  1. Thank you for the shower scrubbie. It is so different from the typical pattern all over the internet. Will try making it.

  2. Thank you for the pstern. I make dish cloths and use scrub it yarn in the final row.
    Please add my name to your Newsletter.

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you for the pattern. iPad doesn’t work well in stormy weather.

  3. Would love to have a pattern for a soap holder for the shower, for all the small pieces of left over soap.

  4. I will try making the scrubby. I do not do well crocheting, but I keep trying. I do not understand written instructions that well. Again, I will try anyway. KD

  5. I love the scrubbies. Can’t say enough about them!

  6. thank you for the pattern as I was thinking of graduating from square to circle scrubbies in smaller sizes!

  7. I think it’s Mary Maxim instead of Maxium. The scrubbies are wonderful.

  8. These make wonderful coasters and don’t cost much. Made some with Christmas colors and they were very attractive. Now have some in yellow. Thanks for the pattern. eb

  9. I have made a scrubbie something like yours but there are more rows and a use nylon netting I absolutely love it and it is great for glass top stoves

    1. I have tried to find a pattern to make a dish scrubbing out of the mesh. Would you care to share yours? I would greatly appreciate it!


    1. Author

      Thank you Brenda! I really appreciate the feedback! You’ve made my day 😀

  11. just discovered your web site. I love all your patterns. I am a beginner crocheter, but I am going to try making the flower you show in Winnie’s head band. I am excited and hope to learn a lot from your web site.

    Neva Corbin
    Novice Crocheter, but still tryig

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