Wedding Photography Ideas

Dudes and Dudettes! What a week it was. We spent the last week sick. What a nightmare. There were days when I had to carefully carry the baby straight from her crib into the bath because of sinus congestion explosions that happened in the night that… are now dried. I have a dirty job people. A very dirty job. What can I say? I am a woman of many talents.

Some of my jobs are less dirty than others. For example, in March I played wedding photographer. Wedding photography may not be my full-time job but I’ve dabbled in a few, and I already have three booked this year. I actually don’t make it widely known that I do weddings, mostly because there are so many stresses that come along with them. While I don’t advertise that I photograph weddings, I also won’t turn down the offer. A side job is still a side job, and it pays regardless of the stress involved.

Last month I was pleasantly surprised when one of my college friends called me announcing that she was getting married in only a few weeks. Shocked and excited I told her how happy I was for her. Then, she asked me to be her photographer. Of course I was excited, and I said yes like a giddy school girl!

Wedding Photography Ideas

My college friend is an adorable half Asian gamer that most guys dream of! She found her match, a shy yet lovable half Asian gaming mister. Where did they meet? Online of course, in the gaming world. When did these two nerdy lovebirds choose to get married? On the most epic Pi Day in history, March 14, 2015! People dream about being this cool… but fail miserably. For these two… being cool just comes naturally.

Here are some of my favorites (at this point in my editing process) and some quick tips to go along with them.

1. Natural Lighting

Wedding Photography Ideas

Using natural light makes a huge difference with the quality of your photographs. The only thing better than natural lighting is softened natural lighting. For most of the ceremony, we were in a hotel conference room. While it was lovely, the room was not light friendly.

Right before the ceremony though, I snuck into one of the hotel rooms with the bride and groom as they were getting dressed. It was here that I snapped some of my favorite poses. There was a large beautiful window in this room. It only took a second to pull open the curtains and BAM, perfect lighting.

I always use Sony cameras. The price is competitive and the camera is reliable. If you are looking for an inexpensive, yet great camera, go with a Sony. Mine is pretty old in the world of technology, but it’s still producing beautiful photographs.

Sony A3000 Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera

2. Intimate Moments

Wedding Photography Ideas

While it’s not very comfortable having someone put you into a very intimate pose while shoving a camera in your space, I think the image speaks for itself. As the years go by and time takes its toll, they will look back at these photographs. My hope is that they won’t remember the photographer. Instead I hope they remember what this image represents, the tenderness and love they felt for each other years ago when they first became husband and wife.

3. Trendy Shots

Wedding Photography Ideas

Google Images and Pinterest are my first “go to” when I’m coming up with wedding photography Ideas and looking for what’s popular. I always plan ahead for each photo shoot I do, and these are a good place to start looking. When I prepped for this wedding I noticed so many of these ampersands in all the wedding photographs. I have to admit, it’s pretty cute. I took a few shots with the ampersand, and loved them all. Printed on canvas, this would make a great piece for the wall.

4. The Details

the details

The details, especially on the bride, are a must-have when thinking of wedding photography ideas! Pull your bride over to a nearby window, for some natural lighting, and snag some shots. You don’t need a dynamic background, beautiful props, or even large spaces for these shots. When photographing the pearls, I had her hold them at her side with her dress as the background. It was quick, easy and I think the result is gorgeous.

5. The Unexpected

PicMonkey Collage (1)

Leave room for the unexpected when gathering your wedding photography ideas. The stiffness people get when a camera is around is a real pain. Trust me. However, the benefit to wedding photography is that you have your camera in their face the whole day. Eventually they will begin to loosen up and block you out. There will be moments when the moms will be moms.  This is the best time to capture those unexpected moments. These are always my favorite.

6. Have Fun

Lastly… don’t forget to have fun! If you’re not having fun, then you’re not doing it right! Weddings are stressful, but make sure you remember to relax, don’t be overly formal and have fun.

I hope these great wedding photography ideas were helpful to you as you find yourself photographing your own wedding or a friend’s wedding. Maybe you’re not photographing a wedding, but you kept reading and found yourself inspired by/jealous of this beautiful nerdy couple! I know I am. Have a great week and GAME ON!

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