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I am so excited to share with you the first steps I took when creating Bread & With It.  This is my very first blog it is exciting to watch it grow into my original vision!  I’ve learned a lot along the way, and I’ve enjoyed sharing with you the successes and mistakes I’ve made. If you are here, it’s because you are looking to start your own blog! This post is a simple how to start list.


What you will need:

An Idea

Blue Host

WordPress (Provided by Blue Host)

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1. Determine What You Want to Blog About


This was pretty easy for me! I am passionate about food and crafts. Most of my day revolves around these two topics. My kids are just as involved in these hobbies of mine. I am always haring my recipes and motivating people to get creative.

This is why I knew that blogging was for me. If you have a hobbie, trade, or skill that defines you as you… then get a blog and share what you know. Basically, if you have an idea there are lots of people out there that want to hear about it. If there is anything I’ve learned about blogging, that statement right there is absolute truth.

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2. Purchase Your Domain & Hosting Service

I am the proud owner of  I can’t even begin to explain how exciting it is.  I eat, sleep, and drink! It is on my mind constantly. I have a new outlook on everything, because of my blog. I find myself thinking more creatively and growing more motivated now that I have my blog.

Bread & With It is hosted on Blue Host.  You need to purchase your own domain and hosting service, because if you decide to go through wordpress or other free blogging service you will never be able to set up advertising. Basically you are stuck following their rules and won’t be able to have the freedom to make money or do as you please.

I can honestly say that going through Blue Host, from start to finish, was a piece of cake.  They have a one click set-up for WordPress which made my life incredibly simple.  I highly recommend keeping it simple and letting Blue Host do their thing.

The ads says $3.95/month but I was able to get this site for $2.95/month for 24 months.  They should offer that or something equivalent once you begin the sign up process.
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3. Familiarize Yourself with WordPress Interface

Blue Host will install and setup WordPress, it’s that easy.  WordPress makes things so easy! they even have support forums that helped me out a lot too.

This understanding and customizing your WordPress article with show you how to customize your website without spending a bunch of money on a theme, but still have something nice and presentable out there for the world to see.

4. Sign up below for the Monetize Bread & With It Newsletter

Watch me learn how to monetize my blog while I share with you all about making money blogging. This is separate from the Bread & With It Newsletter. This is where I will solely talk about the financial growth, traffic and tools used to grow Bread & With It. It is a two way road. I email detailed updates and information once a month, and you can respond. The great thing is that I will respond back! Lets blog together!

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Now all you need to do, is share with me your new website address! Leave a comment below, and we will all celebrate with you! I will share your new website on our Facebook Page to celebrate your new endeavor! Congratulations!

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