2015 april income report

2015 April Income Report

There was a decent about of things keeping me from the website this month! I’m glad to be back here writing up this income report. There was quite a dip this month from last, and I blame it solely on pageviews. I was spending more time doing other things instead of promoting. Promoting your blog makes a huge difference in traffic and income!

(Pageviews – 10,007)
Adsense – $18.19
Amazon – $13.32
BlogHer – $6.10
Sovrn/Lijit – $2.13
Total – $39.74

2015 April Income Report

Pageviews – 10,007

As you can see pageviews are down a little this month. I’ve been a little preoccupied. I did, however, have a meeting with the Bread & With It ladies and we are brainstorming some really awesome ideas to breath some life into this blog. I’m excited about our future plans! I will be talking about those plans some more, in this month’s Monetize Bread & With It Newsletter, so make sure you are signed up below! 

2015 april income report

Google Adsense – $18.19

That bar graph does not look like a roller-coaster I would want to ride. Eesh, it looks pretty erratic! I’m realizing that I lean a lot on Google Adsense each month to bring in the money… but after doing a lot of reading… I think I might be looking at this all wrong. My main source of income should not be from advertisement.

2015 april income report

Amazon Associates – $13.32

2015 april income reportI’m looking at the amount of money I’m making Amazon each month… and it’s making me realize that Bread & With It needs to pick it up a notch and start selling its own products. What do you think? This makes me start wondering… what do Bread & With It viewers want to buy? What products could the Bread & With It team develop that would be worth buying? This will take some thought. I’m excited to see what we come up with!

Do you have any ideas or suggestions?

BlogHer – $6.10

2015 april income reportThis is actually not bad for BlogHer. In the past I’ve made $2 or $3, and I wasn’t really leaping out of my chair about it either. We’ll see if this continues to go up.

I’m not going to hold my breath though…

Sovrn/Lijit – $2.13

I finally… after months of talking about it… changed the ad size and placement of this ad. I’m curious to see what happens next month!  Stay tuned!

2015 april income report

I think every blogger goes though these ups and downs in their adventure. Sometimes it is frustrating, developing your ground and figuring out where you are in this new online community.

Blogging is worth every bit of effort I’ve put into it so far though! I’m looking forward to the months to come… seeing where this journey takes me. If you are kicking around the idea of starting your own blog, check out my easy step by step guide and sign up for the Monetize Bread & With It Newsletter below!


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