September income report

2014 September Income Report

Holy cow guys! Are you seeing this number?!?! I am seriously jumping out of my seat excited about how well Bread & With It has done this month. I didn’t realize a boost like this would come this soon! Last month I made a little over $15 so… yes I am very excited. While I don’t expect this amount for next month, it is still a great motivation to keep going!

September Traffic – 14,079 pageviews

Google Analytics

Last month’s income report was a downer when it came to pageviews. I reached an all-time low last month. Well, what a comeback! I can honestly say I am quite pleased. I would like to shout out a very sincere thank you to and StumbleUpon for driving this month’s traffic! September 15th was a busy day with 2,166 pageviews in one day! Awesome!

I will be doing some brainstorming this month to find out some other websites that can push traffic like these two can. I will discuss my process and my findings more in the Monetize Bread & With It Newsletter so make sure you are signed up!

September income report

September Income – $91.95

Did I mention how excited I am about how amazing September was for Bread & With It? This increase in revenue and traffic was driven primarily because of the Purple Pocket Placemat post that I pre-planned as a comeback from August’s let down. I discussed my thought process on this in the Monetize Bread & With It Newsletter.

Google Adsense – $49.14

Up until September Google Adsense was the only source of income set up for Bread & With It. Apparently it is the first go to for every new blog. They are relatively easy to sign up for and they’re not too strict on rules. This month Adsense was in the lead with the amount more than tripling from last month! 

September income report

Amazon Associates– $28.79

GO purple pocket placemat! This crochet pattern was a hug success! Not only did it bring me a tremendous amount of traffic but people were ordering things left and right! My referral rate this month went from 4% all the way to 6.5%! Basically the more you sell, the higher percentage Amazon will send you in advertising fees. If that isn’t an incentive to sell more stuff then I don’t know what is! 

September income report

BlogHer– $11.46

I very excitedly shared with the Monetize Bread & With It email subscribers (you know who you are) when BlogHer contacted me to tell me that they “love my blog” and want me to join their network! Score! When I first applied, I was told they weren’t in need of another blog in my niche. They said I would need to wait 6 months before I could reapply. It was a huge let down because I really had my hopes up. So, I’m sure you can imagine how excited I was to find out that they wanted me! Yay! This was my first month with BlogHer and I am excited to see how this relationship develops over the next few months!

September income report

Sovrn– $2.56

I signed up for Sovrn days before BlogHer contacted me. Sovrn was actually my “plan B” when BlogHer shot me down. My “rebound” ad network if you will. The earnings are low because I haven’t found the best location for this ad. I will be playing around with placement over this month to see if I can maximize my earnings.

September income report

 So… there it is! Another awesome month here at Bread & With It! I’m enjoying every moment of this adventure and pulling my hair out with anticipation to see where this journey is going to lead me! Blog on ladies & ‘gents!

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    Thanks Deborah! I’m excited to see yours when it goes live! Bread & With It has become my “baby” in a sense and it’s exciting to see things happening with it!

  2. Back… congratulations!!! That is fantastic Laurel! I’m so happy for you. Keep up the great work!

  3. I just finished mine today (not published yet) and decided to see if anyone else had them up. So glad to see yours! Going back up now to read it. 😉

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