income report

2015 February Income Report

Spring is in the air people. The sun is distracting me more and more everyday. I can’t get over how beautiful it is in the Northwest. With each season brings beauty and various new things to look forward to. This week, I’m just appreciating the sun and basking in its glory. Oh, how I’ve missed the sun!

(Pageviews – 7,785)
Adsense – $13.50
Amazon – $17.46
BlogHer – $2.14
Sovrn/Lijit – $1.78
Total – $34.88

2015 February Income Report

Pageviews – 7,785

With this month’s decrease in pageviews, I’m not bummed nor surprised. Last month left me feeling over-worked. It’s nothing I can’t handle though. Looking at the diagram below you can tell when I slowed down on my Bread & With It duties. Around mid-February I continued to do my normal posts, but I wasn’t able to promote as much as I should. March will be better. It’s the unpaid blogger’s hope… “next month will be better”.

Seriously though, I will have more time to work on the website, so we’ll have a better month in March.

income report

Google Adsense – $13.50

AdSense is pretty much mirroring my pageviews. I haven’t had issues with adsense as long as I’ve been working with them. They really are a great ad network. Generous and reliable. I would recommend them to anyone.

income report

Amazon Associates – $17.46

income reportI didn’t write new crochet patterns this month that would boost my Amazon sales. I’m actually a bit surprised that I even made this much. Past posts are probably the driver of these sales.

I do have plans to build up my Amazon sales. I’ve mentioned this in the past, but with Bread & With It being a hobby now it takes awhile to carry out new ideas and plans. In my dream world, the Bread & With It central office is in a detached building just off my house, build in with a kitchen, craft space, espresso bar and a beautiful sitting area over-looking the ocean. It pays for itself, my family, and then some. Ideas are no longer something I attempt to squeeze in… they are my daily job duties. Someday people. Someday.

BlogHer – $2.14

income reportyup, and…

Sovrn/Lijit – $1.78

meh… yup…

income report

It was great talking with you guys! I hope your February was awesome and your March is even better! Feel free to tell me about your blogs and what you are dreaming up. I’d love to hear it!

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