2015 January Income Report

2015 January Income Report

Oh man, am I good or am I good? Not because of the amount of money Bread & With It made, but because of my prediction in last month’s income report! I said… and I quote… “I’m sure January will be around the $30 price range because of my long Winter Break.” I’m patting myself on the back right now, just so you know.

With the new year at our feet, I decided to spice up the look of my income report images (minor changes), and I’ve added a little overview at the beginning of my long written details (below).

(Pageviews – 8,867)
Adsense – $18.30
Amazon – $15.01
BlogHer – $1.85
Lijit – $1.36
Total – $36.52

2015 January Income Report

Pageviews – 8,867

Pageviews… they are everything in the blogging world. You can tell just about everything from someone’s pageviews. Looking at the chart below, it’s pretty noticeable when I came back from Winter Break (January 13). I’m pretty amazed that Bread & With It managed really well through such a long break. I mean really… wow!

Google Adsense – $18.30

It’s interesting to see, that even though my pageviews were decent, the amount of money I made was lower than months in the past with the same amount of pageviews and engagement. I’m wondering if the inactivity of Winter Break caused the bids for my ad spaces to decrease. Very Interesting.

Amazon Associates – $15.01

I’m growing more and more fond of Amazon. It’s exciting for me to see that people are inspired to ‘create’ from my blog posts.

I find myself hanging out at the craft store more than I used to now, just thinking of projects I could do and products I can review. My phone is full of images I take of products that I want to buy later and do a review on. It’s inspiring for me and from the looks of it, inspiring for others. It’s a win-win situation!

BlogHer – $1.85

I have two thoughts on BlogHer. The first is that I have a benefit from them now. They have a social networking Facebook private group that I’ve been added to. The admins make a Facebook task for everyone and we all benefit from it. For example: “COMMENT to this post with a link to one of your blog posts. SHARE three other people’s posts on one of your social media outlets.” In the last week alone, I’ve had 1048 pageviews come from Facebook. This is a huge increase! So, while I’m not seeing much money coming from them… I am benefiting from increased pageviews.

The second thing I want to mention is… do you see the Total Monthly Impressions from BlogHer? Yup, it says 3,556. Doesn’t really add up does it? Well, that’s because I don’t have blog her set up for mobile! GAH! You bet that correction will be made, and hopefully more money will be coming my way.

Sovrn – $1.36

meh… yup…

Well guys, it’s been another great month! I’m looking forward to an exciting new year with Bread & With It! Don’t forget to sign up for the Monetize Bread & With It newsletter below, and I’ll see you next month!

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