august income report

2014 August Income Report

Hey guys! September is here, school has started and while it is still hot outside there is much anticipation for autumn foods, beautifully colored leaves on the trees and layered clothing. This month has been good for Bread & With It, considering… how hectic this month has been. It’s difficult keeping up on the website while tackling all the other things in life. I have my moments of doubt and thoughts of giving up… which breaks my heart to admit. I’m not saying that I’m giving up. I’m just admitting that I’m human and starting a blog… committing for the long haul… is hard. I read somewhere that the third month of blogging is when most people quit and all their hard work goes to waste. So I keep telling myself that if I have made it this far, it would be stupid of me to give up. If you are having a discouraging month, know that it’s normal! I’m right there with you!

August Traffic – 6,960 pageviews

Google Analytics

Oh this hurt. This is my lowest monthly pageviews since the creation of Bread & With It. Why? Well, going out of town without a way to connect your laptop to the internet… really hurts you blog. While I was able to still connect for my posts, I couldn’t do any social media or submitting my articles until I got back home.

So, live and learn. This may be my first bad pagview month but it wont be my last. Dust off my pants and keep moving!

august income report

My eye has been drawn to something this month. is really rocking it at bring me traffic. I have said this before but with only 4 patterns they have continually brought me quite a bit of traffic month after month. For me to ignore this would be foolish, so I have been putting more thought and time into producing more crochet pieces for the website.

august income report

August Income – $15.17

At first I was upset about making less money than last month. The final number is 82 cents less than I made last month. After giving it some thought I have come to realize that  with almost 1500 less pageviews (correct me if my math is wrong) my income per pageview reflects an 18% growth. Had I received the same amount of pageviews as last month I would have likely seen higher numbers.

Google Adsense – $15.01

Adsense revenue is up this month which is great. Each month I have seen an increase which is great.

august income report

Amazon Affiliate – $0.16

While Google Adsense seems to be more steady and reliable revenue, it’s the affiliate marketing that is all over the map but can give you a boost now and then. Last month was higher than this month and my numbers for September are already climbing higher than August. It’s a good reminder when working with your affiliates that these numbers will be more random than your ad networks.

august income report

That’s all for this month! See you all next month!

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