july income report

2014 July Income Report

July was great and August will be even better! We are headed to the beach next week for a huge family beach house extravaganza! I’m looking forward to making homemade marshmallows with all the little Hutchinson descendants and all the beach photo opportunities to come. This is our first family vacation since the baby was born and I am ready to hit the road and have some fun!

July Traffic – 8,458 page views

Google Analytics

Once again I’m seeing an increase in page views. Wonderful news! I’ve been a little surprised that every month there has been an increase in both page views and revenue. I didn’t expect this much traffic so early in the game. My strategy hasn’t changed much since I started Bread & With It. Every time I have a new post I submit my articles to several websites, that I will talk about further in another post.


Compared to last month there has been a huge increase in sessions, users, and page views but… sadly my bounce rate has increased. I need to do some reflecting on that to see what strategy I am going to develop to improve this number. I really want to create a positive user experience that keeps my viewers engaged and satisfied. If successful, then hopefully this will result in more return visitors and email subscribers!

Facebook Likes

As much as Facebook is infuriating with selective visibility on posts for non paying customers… I did reach the 100 page likes milestone this month! I logged into Facebook and noticed 99 likes. Just as I took a breath to express my excitement to Michael I got a notification informing me that I had just received my 100th like! That was very exciting!

facebook insights

July Income – $15.83

I know that usually I spend more time focusing on traffic in my income reports but I just can’t wait to talk about this month’s income! Yet again there has been a nice increase. Each month I’m doubtful that the amount will continue to climb like the month before, but it keeps going strong. Given… we’re talking about 15 bucks… BUT… if the payout continues to climb at this rate there is potential for a part-time income. This I am very excited about!

Google Adsense – $14.76

I am very pleased with Adsense. Each month the amount I earn continues to increase. I’m seeing more and more companies bidding on my ad spaces. There are a few things I did to help increase my earnings like switch to suggested ad sizes and alter ad placement which I am talking about this month in the Monetize Bread & With It Newsletter. Overall though I think the increase in page views, website age and user “clicks” is making my ad space more valuable. I’m excited to see what happens in August!


Amazon Affiliate – $1.07

OK… here is the most exciting part. I have made my first 2 sales with Amazon!! Yahoo!!! I have been patiently waiting for this to payout and I’ve been playing around with my affiliate link placements… and it has finally happened!

amazon sales

The way Amazon works is 1st you need to sign up. That is a pretty painless process. Follow the directions and you will be good to go. Once approved, you are on a trial period. You have to make a sale within 90 days or they will deny you. It was getting stressful there for a while because nothing was happening at first… and I was worried that Amazon would cut me from the team.  It was feeling like high school all over again! Luckily though, my first 2 sales are in and I am looking forward to many more!

Ok, so that’s it! Until next month!

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  1. Good job! I love reading about the progress you are doing.

    1. Author

      Thank you! I think the income reports are good for me. They help show me the progress I’m making and simultaneously encourage me to keep going.

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