november income report

2014 November Income Report

Hello everyone! Now that Thanksgiving has passed and we are gearing up for the rush of Christmas, I am realizing how demanding it is to be a blogger over the holidays! Am I the only one feeling such stress? Despite the holiday rush, I was able to keep up with the demands of Bread & With It and as a result there were great rewards.

November Traffic – 14,797 pageviews

Google Analytics

Pageviews are up from last month. It was great to see traffic moving despite the holidays distracting me from promoting and submitting as much as I normally do. I was able to spend a solid weekend, devoted to making Thanksgiving food prep posts. I was glad I did! Thanksgiving day I peeked at the website, and noticed a wave of people coming to my website looking for Turkey Cooking Times & Temperatures. I wish my heavily affiliated Black Friday post was a little more popular… or at least viewed by more than 10 people… but we can’t pick and choose. It’s a great learning lesson for next year.

november income report

October Income – $69.85

I was surprised that income was down this month, and I’m not really sure why either. Technically speaking, it’s not “down” completely. Actually… if you look at the overall trend I’m still doing good, but it can be easy to have these moments of despair when you see numbers go down when you are hoping they would go up. There is great news on the horizon though. A great opportunity has come through with, and I’m really looking forward to sharing this with you next month! I don’t want to give away any hints, but I will talk about it more in the Monetize Bread & With It newsletter.

Google Adsense – $44.73

Sales were down this month, but it’s ok. Technically speaking it’s a slight fluctuation and I’m sure we’ll see an increase next month. With Adsense the main thing is boosting your page views, and your income will reflect the traffic increase. Perseverance is key!

Amazon Associates – $18.67

I didn’t really set up much stuff for Amazon sales other than my Black Friday post. I was naïve in thinking it would work perfectly… but… it didn’t. Not a single person clicked on it, let alone made a purchase. So this was a learning lesson for next year and free advertisement for Groupon & Amazon. I will need to up my game if I really want to cash in on Black Friday!

november income report

BlogHer – $4.06

Blog Her was… well… pretty typical from last month. I haven’t seen any opportunities yet for sponsored posts, or anything like that.  I’m sure that things will improve in the future, but for now I’m just hanging in there.

november income report

Sovrn – $2.39

Sovrn is… well… Sovrn. Yeah, I still don’t have much to say. At this rate it will take me… a very long time to reach a threshold…

november income report

That’s it guys. Have a great December and happy holidays. I look forward to discussing next month’s income report with you. If you are not signed up for the Monetize Bread & With It Newsletter, make sure to sign up below!

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  1. And here from your newsletter I was expecting a huge drop but your numbers are still great! Have you thought about placing the maximum number of ads for Sovrn? I raised the floor price to 80 cents last month which did improve my numbers. So this month I’ve raised one of them to $1 but I don’t get nearly the amount of traffic you do so I think it would really benefit you. Great job Laurel!

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