diy yarntainer

Hello! Thank you for venturing over to Bread & With It for some awesome DIY Yarntainer inspiration. For those of you that are following my posts and possibly concerned about our family… we are on antibiotics and glad for it! After weeks of being sick, our family doctor informed usRead More →

crochet clover headband

St. Patrick’s Day is here. I wanted Winnie to have a little something cute to wear. Green, of course, because then she can’t get pinched! How did that start anyway? Who first decided that we can pinch someone if they don’t wear green? Regardless, I made this crochet clover headbandRead More →

crochet christmas ornament

This year the kids and I are making our own ornaments for the tree! Aren’t they cute? We’ve made crochet Christmas ornaments in various colors and sizes. They’re really easy to whip out, and the result is stunning! I want to make several mini versions of these, and arrange them on aRead More →

Oh my goodness! Isn’t she cute? Ladies and gentlemen, this is little Winnie who just turned one! Which is cuter, the baby or the handmade vintage pixie hat? They make a great pair don’t they? I know you want to pinch those cheeks right now! I made this hat about three weeks ago,Read More →

crochet minecraft pig

Minecraft has become very popular these last few years.  I know my kids love it!  We were just invited to a Minecraft themed double birthday party.  My girlfriend’s oldest son just turned 8 and her youngest daughter turned 1. I like to make birthday gifts as much as possible becauseRead More →

Crochet toys are adorable. I could end this post like that because honestly it’s a pretty accurate statement as it stands. I have made several crochet toys for my youngest daughter as well as a collection of blankets, hats, booties, clothes and other miscellaneous items (the possibilities are endless). MyRead More →