Simple Juicing Tip

It’s been an exciting week! Not just because we are sharing this simple juicing tip, but because Bread & With It topped the scale with its first $100 dollars of earnings in one month. I described how it all work out, in my March Income Report. On top of suchRead More →

adjusting recipe for cupcakes

Have you found a really wonderful cake recipe that makes your taste buds sing? Now you can turn your cake recipe into a cupcake recipe whenever you want to, with one simple trick! I’m not going to drag this out and make you wait for it. The trick to adjustingRead More →

filling a pastry bag

This quick trick makes piping chocolate or frosting so much easier! Filling a pastry bag always results in a mess and such a hassle! I can’t begin to share how many times I’ve thrown in the towel (sometimes literally), because of the mess these pastry bags can make. Nothing irritates me moreRead More →

his and hers cupcakes

You’ve heard of His and Hers towels, but have you heard of His and Hers cupcakes? Seriously, these are ridiculously cute and easy to make, unless you are making 300. No really… 300… I’m making 300 of these His and Hers cupcake toppers. I’m not making all of them justRead More →

tucking turkey wings

Preparing your bird for cooking is a messy job. It takes a few times to get used to it. Reaching your hand into the carcass of a dead bird to remove its neck and giblets is… well… there really isn’t anything to compare the feeling to. My kids make aRead More →

turkey cooking times and temperatures

Every year right before Thanksgiving, I scramble for accurate turkey cooking times and temperatures. I know I’m not the only one that has this problem, because I get several calls each year asking me the same question! It’s usually these calls that begin my search for the answer. I’m glad that I’mRead More →

slow cooker whole chicken

Cooking whole chicken in slow cooker is so easy. Chop up some veggies, toss them in the slow cooker, place your whole FROZEN chicken on top and let it cook on high for about 6 hours. Done and done. You don’t have to maintain it or anything and you endRead More →

I’ve seen the Magic Bullet at Target selling anywhere from $50-$100.  It seems so convenient to just toss in your ingredients then drink.  I stumbled across this lovely tip and honestly your life isn’t going to be the same. Our blender spends most of it’s time in the cupboard and gets pulledRead More →