filling a pastry bag

Filling a Pastry Bag: 1 Easy Trick

This quick trick makes piping chocolate or frosting so much easier! Filling a pastry bag always results in a mess and such a hassle! I can’t begin to share how many times I’ve thrown in the towel (sometimes literally), because of the mess these pastry bags can make. Nothing irritates me more than a huge mess when I’m doing detailed projects. Once the outer-side of your pastry bag gets messy it’s all down hill from there.

Most people, when they first begin working with pastry bags, they try scooping their frosting into the bag with a spoon (I really wish I had a game show buzzer right now to go “EEEHH!”). This is never the way to do it. Not only does this process welcome messes, but it also leaves air pockets in your chocolate. This means that while you’re writing out a beautiful design, your bag is going to figuratively “fart”. The chocolate will stop coming out for a moment, ruin your design, and make you very-very irritated.

Even if you are somehow scooping in, air-free, it only takes one little unavoidable mess on the outer-side of the bag. You wont notice the mess right away, but it will slowly spread everywhere! I could go on and on about this… but I’ll save the rant for another day.

filling a pastry bag

What I’ve started doing, is wrapping my pastry bag around a large drinking glass. It’s very simple. Once my tip is in and secure, I wrap it over a drinking glass and I’m good to go. Seriously, it’s that easy. Doing it this way means that I have two hands free, and I can to pour in my chocolate or frosting with ease. Once it’s filled, I pull the bag up and I’m ready to go. No mess, no air bubbles, just filling a pastry bag the easy way!

filling a pastry bag


Now we can all avoid the mess and hassle involved in filling a pastry bag, and get back to what matters: beautiful desserts! Try piping out 300 “his” and “hers” out of chocolate… I’m not being random. Seriously, try it! I did and it, and it sort-of felt like a school kid being punished.

filling a pastry bag

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