Canning Jar Magic Bullet

I’ve seen the Magic Bullet at Target selling anywhere from $50-$100.  It seems so convenient to just toss in your ingredients then drink.  I stumbled across this lovely tip and honestly your life isn’t going to be the same.
Our blender spends most of it’s time in the cupboard and gets pulled out on the occasion that we use it.  Now… it lives on the counter.  Why you may ask?  Because I can attach my canning jars to it just like the magic bullet!

How cool is that?!?!

I came across this tip while visiting a fellow blogger’s page The Make Your Own Zone.  She has some really interesting tips that I have found incredibly useful.

Make your own Canning Jar Magic Bullet


Canning Jar Magic Bullet


Detach the base of your mixer and screw it onto your regular mouth canning jar.  Place on your blender and turn it on!  Bam!  You now have a free Magic Bullet!  You can thank me later for saving you $50 or more!

Canning Jar Magic Bullet

Try out my Rock Island Banana drink recipe with your new Canning Jar Magic Bullet and drink right from your Mason Jar on the back porch!

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