Make Brown Sugar: 2 Easy Steps

It’s been a long week.  Honestly, you just want to settle in with some homemade chocolate chip cookies a glass of milk and a movie.  What do you do?  You go into the kitchen gather your ingredients and guess what… no BROWN SUGAR! This extremely simple 2-step recipe will ensure that you will never get caught cookie-less again!

Lets be honest with ourselves here, we are not all June Cleavers.  {Spoiler Alert} I’d love to tell you that I make the perfect home, but no, not the case.  I have an infant on my hip all day long, drooling on everything and yelling at me.  When the urge to bake calls, I have to take it…

So, a couple days ago, my older kids began describing to me how delicious my cookies are… which is their way of getting me to crave them.  They know if I want to eat them… I will make them.  This is a technique they picked up while I was pregnant with Winnie {well played kids… well played}.  I headed to the kitchen threw open the cupboards and we didn’t have brown sugar!  The kids’ cheers immediately went from excitement to disappointment.

“Being the stubborn woman I am, I set out to make my own!”

I did some research and come to find out… brown sugar REALLY IS sugar mixed with molasses!  How much easier could this be?  All I had to do was grab that bottle of molasses {everyone has it, few use it} that was pushed to the back of the cupboard and mix it up with some sugar.  It doesn’t get much easier than that.

I originally used a ratio I found online, but really I wasn’t happy with it, so I came up with my own.  So lets get started.

brown sugar

Make Brown Sugar

2 tbsp Molasses
1  1/2 c. Sugar

Instructions: combine and mix well with a fork

It doesn’t get much easier than that… I mean really.

I first tried mixing with a hand mixer… don’t do that.  It just gets messy and it ends up being clumpy anyway.  So now you don’t have an excuse!  Make those Chocolate Chip Cookies or try it on some Homemade Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal just like Grandma used to make!

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  1. How much more molasses would you add to make dark brown sugar? That’s usually the one I never have.

    1. Author

      Honestly, as you are mixing it up you can just slowly ad more until it looks right. Its not really an exact science and is quite forgiving. I hope that helps 😀

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