banana and walnut cookies

Oh dairy free! Ever since the “lactose intolerant” diagnosis of my youth, I’m doing nothing to avoid dairy. You heard me. Nothing. How I love dairy and all things dairy. Mmmm… dairy. Call my love for it weird if you wish, I think you are missing out. These cookies though, areRead More →


These beautiful snickerdoodles were made by 11 year old Emma, my daughter and fellow blogger here at Bread & With It. They are uniform, delicious and amazing. She is really developing into a skilled chef. We were sharing these treats with Winnie this week and I really wish you could have seenRead More →

I love the way these chocolate chip cookies turned out in the photograph. They almost look like a dream which is honestly how they taste. Okay yes, everyone has their own recipe for chocolate chip cookies. Maybe you found yours in a cookbook like I did or it was passedRead More →

Florida Sun Oatmeal Cookies

I mentioned to my husband that I wanted to get some delicious cookies on the blog here and it must have sparked a memory inside him.  His eyes grew big and with a smile said “I know the perfect recipe”. My husband was born and raised in Florida and traveledRead More →