hot apple cider

Michael’s famous hot apple cider! It is so good that I might have to use my most hated phrase of all time. Are you Ready? “You guys just don’t know!” Oh! I hate that phrase, but really… you guys just don’t know how amazing this cider is. This cider isRead More →

apple fritters

I pre-made these delicious apple fritters before me and the kids headed for the coast. We have had such a blast these last four days but today is the day we come home. I’m glad too because today is… Michael’s birthday! It’s also me and the kids’ last day at theRead More →

apple pie shells

I am at home enjoying these freshly made delicious apple pie patty shells… ah… I can’t do it. I’m not at home. The last few posts I’ve told you about the Iowa Hutchinson’s and how they are visiting these last two-weeks. We have had such a blast with all kinds of funRead More →