The Captain’s Lady Cookbook & Personal Journal

The Captain’s Lady Cookbook– Personal Journal

“Several years ago I found the original manuscript for this cookbook-journal. As I read though the handwritten pages of faded copperplate, I felt as if I had stepped back in time to an era of majestic clipper ships, the Civil War, a dashing captain and his lovely lady who awaited her husband’s return from sea so many times. As I followed her though those many years of anxiety, I came to know a courageous, devoted, sensitive, caring, warm, loving, educated woman. She spent many hours perfecting a style of cooking we now recognize at “typical” New England.

We read about her family and husband’s family, her deep love for music, poetry, literature and art; her handicrafts, shopping trips, her dog, favorite books – all the intellectual and house=wifely pursuits of an elegant lady of her times – an authentic Gothic heroine – in this instance – 

“The Captain’s Lady”


The Captain’s Lady Cookbook– Personal Journal:
Circa, Massachusetts 1837-1917 Vol. II (page ix)

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