Making a Mother’s Day Card

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Mother’s day is Sunday, May 11th!  Are you ready?  Of all the holidays, this one is the hardest for me.  I’m not going to brag too much… but honestly I have a really amazing mom.  She has always been loving and supportive of me, even at my worst.  Whenever I fall she is there to pick me back up.

She is also the best Grandmother I know… with 8 grandchildren ranging from 13 to 6 months, she makes sure to love them and spend time with each one equally.  Every morning my mom gets up and lives for her 2 daughters and her 8 grandchildren.

So… what do you buy the best mom/grandmother in the world?

What can you make her that even comes close to everything that she does for you?  The answer is… anything.  Honestly, my mom would love ANYTHING I give her.  Which makes her even more amazing…

This year I have decided on making a Mother’s Day card instead of buying one.  It will mean so much more to her and I save up to $8.00 (BONUS!).  Hopefully she wont see this post before Mother’s Day… odds are she will, so mom… pretend to be surprised! <3

If you decide you want to make this same card for your mom or even your wife for Mother’s day I have included the card design at the bottom of this article for you to download if you so choose.  Lets make some cards!

Making a Mother’s Day Card
Materials You Will Need:

Pink, Red, or Purple Construction Paper [cut into (12) 12″ X 1/8″ strips]
Tacky Glue
Green Embroidery Floss/Thread
Card Stock Paper

Making a Mother's Day Card

1. Print the card design found at the bottom of this page.  I made this myself so feel free to use it, I just ask that you “like” me on Facebook in exchange for using my designs.

Making a Mother's Day Card

2. Roll up the flowers.  Take the 12 strips of paper that you cut using a paper cutter (or use the old fashioned way of measuring, marking and cutting) and begin rolling them up.  Roll them loosely and when you get to the end tack them down with a small bead of tacky glue.  When you are done you should have a dozen little rose buds.

Making a Mother's Day Card

3. Cut the green embroidery floss – into (12) 4″ pieces.  Tie them together with a small piece of thin ribbon.  Using your tacky glue attach it to your card cover, placing the tied bow at the very center bottom of the printed frame.

Making a Mother's Day Card

4.  Glue on your rose buds – Place them on your card and arrange them before gluing them to make sure they are where you like them.

Making a Mother's Day Card

I can’t wait to give my mom the card I made her.  Let me know how your card making projects go!

Free Downloads:

These designs are custom made by Bread & With It (Laurel Blow).  They are made for personal use only.  All that I ask in return is that you go to my Facebook page and “like” it.  SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG TO RECEIVE NOTIFICATIONS OF NEW ADDITIONS TO THIS LIST!

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