Damien’s Chiari Malformation Story

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Nickname: Possum
Birthday: 11/10/2006
Date of Decompression Surgery: 9/23/2012
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An interview with Damien’s Mom

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Damien loves pizza and tacos. His favorite color is red, and Batman is his hero. He loves Legos, Hot Wheels, and his favorite animal is his service dog Dixie.

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Special Moment:

One of my favorite moments was after Damien had his second decompression surgery. He wouldn’t even get out of bed, so the doctor had Batman come every day to get him out of bed. Since then all he cares about is Batman.

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Damien’s Chiari Malformation Story:

Damien has started out life on a bad foot. At 18 months old I was told he had Chiari. That was after multiple tests, trying to figure out what was wrong, him dying on me once and almost dying many times. He had his first decompression at age two, and has had two more since then. There are days he can’t move, and there are good days.

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