diy yarntainer

Hello! Thank you for venturing over to Bread & With It for some awesome DIY Yarntainer inspiration. For those of you that are following my posts and possibly concerned about our family… we are on antibiotics and glad for it! After weeks of being sick, our family doctor informed usRead More →

crochet luffah

It’s the lovely luxurious crochet loofah! I hope you are having lovely luxurious day because this crochet loofah is amazing. I’ve tried making loofahs in the past but they are never quite right. They look right but synthetic yarns don’t hold water well and they tend to be awkward onceRead More →

purple pocket placemat

It’s the purple pocket placemat! So cute! I developed a variation of this pattern from the 2013 Lily Sugar n’ Cream Kitchen Essentials crochet pattern book. My version of it is slightly different with the middle stripe being smaller and the pocket hugging the line with a stripe down the middle.Read More →

crochet minecraft pig

Minecraft has become very popular these last few years.  I know my kids love it!  We were just invited to a Minecraft themed double birthday party.  My girlfriend’s oldest son just turned 8 and her youngest daughter turned 1. I like to make birthday gifts as much as possible becauseRead More →