I love the way these chocolate chip cookies turned out in the photograph. They almost look like a dream which is honestly how they taste. Okay yes, everyone has their own recipe for chocolate chip cookies. Maybe you found yours in a cookbook like I did or it was passedRead More →

pumpkin pie

Store bought is a thing of the past! This was my first time making a pumpkin pie from scratch and wow. Just wow. Pumpkin pies look rather ordinary and bland but once you take the first bite of a pie made from a freshly cooked pumpkin. Oh my. Throughout myRead More →

pumpkin bars

Oh guys. I cannot begin to tell you how delicious pumpkin bars are. Yes, they look delicious in the picture… but no photograph could ever really truly show you how delicious they are. It has become an annual fall tradition for about 4 years now. I know I’ve told you howRead More →

gourmet marshmallows

The sun is shining and summer is here! We have tossed open the windows to welcome summer with all her bright warm glory! I am in the living room listening to the hum of fans pushing the cool summer morning air through the halls. I have about an hour to enjoyRead More →