chocolate dipped orange cookies

Outstanding! Before I go too far into this, I just need to say: omagursh these are awesome. Be warned though, they are pop-able and dangerous! When you combine the two delicious flavors of chocolate and orange… it’s like tranquility for a food addict. Chocolate dipped orange cookies equal mmmmm andRead More →

It’s that time of year! There is a chill in the air, the leaves on the trees are long gone, and people on the streets are humming Christmas music! It warms my heart! I always make sure to enjoy this time of year with a warm drink in my hand! ToRead More →

Hey guys! This week has really pulled me away from Bread & With It. I haven’t been far, just not as proactive as I usually am. For Christmas this year the kids were involved in their school Christmas pageant. It was Colonial times themed. Being the artist in the group,Read More →

crochet christmas ornament

This year the kids and I are making our own ornaments for the tree! Aren’t they cute? We’ve made crochet Christmas ornaments in various colors and sizes. They’re really easy to whip out, and the result is stunning! I want to make several mini versions of these, and arrange them on aRead More →

cranberry orange pinwheel cookies

These cookies look so fancy! I really am impressed by these cookies. Not only do they look dynamic with a red swirl, but the flavor is outstanding. The cookie dough is infused with finely shredded orange peel, and rolled in a cranberry pecan mixture to create a pinwheel effect. EachRead More →

Oh my goodness! Isn’t she cute? Ladies and gentlemen, this is little Winnie who just turned one! Which is cuter, the baby or the handmade vintage pixie hat? They make a great pair don’t they? I know you want to pinch those cheeks right now! I made this hat about three weeks ago,Read More →

Orange Candy Straws

What a great week of eating Candied Orange Peels and working hard on the Bread & With It website! I am working on arranging a pretty awesome giveaway from a local small businesses who makes handmade products. I am really not interested in having obnoxious giveaways… my goal is to giveRead More →