Blueberry Coconut Pineapple Blender

I couldn’t come up with a creative name for this delicious blended drink. I tried. I even asked Michael to come up with one of his creative playful names… but his exact words were “I got nothing”. So here we are, stuck with the plain, yet accurately described title: BlueberryRead More →

chocolate dipped orange cookies

Outstanding! Before I go too far into this, I just need to say: omagursh these are awesome. Be warned though, they are pop-able and dangerous! When you combine the two delicious flavors of chocolate and orange… it’s like tranquility for a food addict. Chocolate dipped orange cookies equal mmmmm andRead More →

crochet clover headband

St. Patrick’s Day is here. I wanted Winnie to have a little something cute to wear. Green, of course, because then she can’t get pinched! How did that start anyway? Who first decided that we can pinch someone if they don’t wear green? Regardless, I made this crochet clover headbandRead More →

con panna

Free printable espresso home guide below! Oh coffee. How I love you so. I do enjoy a good cup of coffee; however an espresso is really where the love is at.  I’m pretty sure it was our love for coffee that my husband and I got married.  If for someRead More →