apple pie

Classic apple pie is sure to please. I have never met anyone who disliked apple pie, have you? Fruit, sugar and a perfect pastry recipe… how can you go wrong? Whenever I need to share bad news with Michael, I know that, if I set out a pie and a fork,Read More →

banana and walnut cookies

Oh dairy free! Ever since the “lactose intolerant” diagnosis of my youth, I’m doing nothing to avoid dairy. You heard me. Nothing. How I love dairy and all things dairy. Mmmm… dairy. Call my love for it weird if you wish, I think you are missing out. These cookies though, areRead More →

crochet clover headband

St. Patrick’s Day is here. I wanted Winnie to have a little something cute to wear. Green, of course, because then she can’t get pinched! How did that start anyway? Who first decided that we can pinch someone if they don’t wear green? Regardless, I made this crochet clover headbandRead More →

pie crust recipe

It’s almost Pi Day guys! Pi Day is one of the most exciting events at our house. Thanks to Pi, we get to enjoy the benefits of math through circles and more importantly… food in the shape of circles (aka pie). As a home-school family you need to know that weRead More →

peanut butter chocolate protein shake

For those of you following my recipe journal entries, yes I am still plugging away at weight loss. Michael and I are still committed to bring the weight down. It’s been 3 months since our New Year resolution and still not reaping any benefits. Uggg. It’s no wonder that peopleRead More →

income report

Spring is in the air people. The sun is distracting me more and more everyday. I can’t get over how beautiful it is in the Northwest. With each season brings beauty and various new things to look forward to. This week, I’m just appreciating the sun and basking in itsRead More →

hot apple cider

Michael’s famous hot apple cider! It is so good that I might have to use my most hated phrase of all time. Are you Ready? “You guys just don’t know!” Oh! I hate that phrase, but really… you guys just don’t know how amazing this cider is. This cider isRead More →

analagus trees

Aren’t these analogous trees lovely? I am teaching about color harmony in art class, and it is such a fun topic to explore. Once you learn the various color harmonies your artwork quickly transforms from average to stunning! One of the fun ways to learn about color harmony is by making these stunning Chinese inspired watercolor analogous trees.Read More →

homemade butter

I wasn’t ready for this post, because I didn’t even think it was going to make its way to Bread & With It. I thought making homemade butter would be really difficult. Boy was I wrong! Homemade butter is delicious, easy and just plain cool to make! Deborah at theRead More →


Holy, hecticly, homemade muffins Batman! It happened. I didn’t think there would be any time to make these babies, but I’m so glad I was able to! We all have busy schedules, but this one is like “Holy cow! Stop the car, or I’m going to jump out!” busy. IRead More →

adjusting recipe for cupcakes

Have you found a really wonderful cake recipe that makes your taste buds sing? Now you can turn your cake recipe into a cupcake recipe whenever you want to, with one simple trick! I’m not going to drag this out and make you wait for it. The trick to adjustingRead More →

filling a pastry bag

This quick trick makes piping chocolate or frosting so much easier! Filling a pastry bag always results in a mess and such a hassle! I can’t begin to share how many times I’ve thrown in the towel (sometimes literally), because of the mess these pastry bags can make. Nothing irritates me moreRead More →

Lego Mini-fig Recycled Crayons

Valentines day comes at the time of year when our family has just settled down from the holidays, birthdays, travel, our anniversary and beginning school again. It’s not the most convenient of times, to say the least. Valentine’s day seems so commercialized that I can barely make myself buy things knowing it willRead More →

his and hers cupcakes

You’ve heard of His and Hers towels, but have you heard of His and Hers cupcakes? Seriously, these are ridiculously cute and easy to make, unless you are making 300. No really… 300… I’m making 300 of these His and Hers cupcake toppers. I’m not making all of them justRead More →

conversation heart marshmallows

Valentine’s day is almost here and with it comes my favorite conversation heart candies. This year we are making conversation heart marshmallows to take to school! The kids are going to love these! Not only are they delicious (because they are homemade), but I let the kids write their ownRead More →

2015 January Income Report

Oh man, am I good or am I good? Not because of the amount of money Bread & With It made, but because of my prediction in last month’s income report! I said… and I quote… “I’m sure January will be around the $30 price range because of my longRead More →

Hello. My name is Myriah. I was born with a Chiari Malformation, but I didn’t find out until recently. I was told in high school that I had scoliosis and a reversed curve in my neck. Occasionally, I visited the chiropractor for it, but I didn’t see him actively until 2000Read More →